Rail transport has played a fundamental role in the development of many societies during the last two centuries by being one of the most competitive and resource-efficient transport systems. Today, the railway industry is on the verge of a new exciting era of innovation and automation that will take safety, energy-efficiency and users to the next level.



CertX services can be applied into a variety of railway systems (Locomotives, EMUs, DMUs, Metros, On-Track machines, Fixed installations) and its constituents (Door Control Systems, Brake Controls, Train Control Management Systems, Signalling, Tunnels, Stations, Platform Screen Doors, etc.).

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We offer a wide range of independent assessments including:

  • Independent Safety Assessment (EN 50126, EN 50128, EN, 50129)
  • Assessment Body (AsBo) as required by Common Safety Methods for Risk Evaluation and Assessment (CSM-REA). Regulations 352/2009 and 402/2013 as amended.
  • Independent verification and validation (V&V).
  • Audit and inspection services


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