Functional Safety and Cyber Security Certification Body

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We ensure your innovation

We want to make innovation work safely. We deliver a world-class support to ensure that your innovation is safe and secure. With our expertise in various domains such as:

We certify and inspect your products, train your managers and staff, certify your processes.

As automation increasingly takes its place in industry, especially high-risk industry, it is often blamed for causing harm and increasing the chance of human error when failures occur. I propose that the problem is not the presence of automation, but rather its inappropriate design….

Norman, D. A. (1990). The “problem” of automation


of classical and innovative products in compliance with functional safety and cyber security standards and regulations.

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Training & certification of engineers and managers

to train, ensure and promote that relevant safety and cyber security standards, processes and regulations are being applied in their daily work.

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Certify corporate processes and organizations

to ensure that applicable safety and cyber security standards and regulations are being incorporated into the quality management systems of the company and applied in the daily work corporate wide.


Swiss made in Fribourg

Located very centrally in Switzerland with proximity to key business partners. Access to experienced auditors as well as close to world class research. Swiss DNA – quality & innovation focussed. A toolset well established and applied.

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