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Our ambition is your safe and secure products and processes

New technologies such as industry 4.0, autonomous vehicles or next-generation robotics revolutionize mobility, manufacturing and industrial automation. They have enormous potential, but they also create substantial new risks.
As automation increasingly takes its place in industry, especially high-risk industry, it is often blamed for causing harm and increasing the chance of human error when failures occur. I propose that the problem is not the presence of automation, but rather its inappropriate design….

Norman, D. A. (1990). The “problem” of automation

Assessments of product design or processes

to identify gaps to the relevant standards.
In conceptual stages this is useful to provide guidance and minimize risks in your later development.

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A good place to start to identify gaps to the standards.

A light and quick (a few days) activity  guiding you to close the weak points. The results may be re-used in a later certification process.
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of classical and innovative products in compliance with functional safety and cyber security standards and regulations.

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We certify your products according to latest standards with cutting edge technology experience. We speak your language if it come to innovative products.
Our objective is that you get most out a certification and we are proposing to work with us concurrently along the development of your product.
By defining the critical elements early on you will be able to catch weak spots in your product safety early on and correct it quickly.

We will be your safety and security sparring partner not just in the development but through the whole lifecycle of your product.
Our product certification will support your commercial success

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Training & certification of engineers and managers

to train, ensure and promote that relevant safety and cyber security standards, processes and regulations are being applied in their daily work.

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All functional safety and cyber security standards require the evidence of competent engineers involved in the project.
Qualification of your staff is the base for getting it right first-time and CertX provides a structured 3-staged training program with verified learning success to support.
The CertX person certification program ensures that certified persons are skilled to develop compliant products. It demonstrates the safety and security expertise of certified persons for product or process standards and supports their future career plan and growth in a consistent manner.

Please see more details about content, venues and dates as well as other training options on our training page.

ISA / AsBo

In the railway domain our engagement as AsBo (Assessment Body)  and / or ISA (Independent Safety Assessment) will be a pre-requisite for the approval by the national railway authority.

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CertX is your partner in navigating you through this legal framework and we offer the right but lean assessment and certification services which enable you to introduce safe railway products on-time.

Our assessment services can be applied into a variety of railway systems, e.g. locomotives, metros, EMUs, DMUs, on-track machines, fixed installations and its subsystems, e.g. door -, brake or train control systems, signalling, tunnels, stations and platform screen doors.
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Certify corporate processes and organizations

to ensure that applicable safety and cyber security standards and regulations are being incorporated into the quality management systems of the company and applied in the daily work corporate wide.

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Located very centrally in Switzerland with proximity to key business partners. Access to experienced auditors as well as close to world class research. Swiss DNA – quality & innovation focussed. A toolset well established and applied.

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