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New technologies such as industry 4.0, autonomous vehicles or next-generation robotics revolutionize mobility, manufacturing and industrial automation. They have enormous potential, but they also create substantial new risks.


As automation increasingly takes its place in industry, especially high-risk industry, it is often blamed for causing harm and increasing the chance of human error when failures occur. I propose that the problem is not the presence of automation, but rather its inappropriate design….

Norman, D. A. (1990). The “problem” of automation

Our goal is your safe and secure products and processes

We are your certification and inspection partner, and

we share our know-how by training your staff.

Unconditional reliability and Swiss quality guaranteed

Assessments, Confirmation Reviews and Inspections of

Product Designs or Processes

Get a current status of your product development or process with respect to safety or security targets. Use our results to demonstrate to your clients a robust achievement of your safety or security goals without disclosing any IP.

Have confirmation reviews and assessments done with the highest level of independence and reliability

Get a gap analysis early on in the conceptual stagesof your design to provide you assurance on processes and concepts.

 Product Certifications 

Type Approvals for CE conformity

Demonstrate compliance with functional safety and cyber security standards, regulations and applicable law.

Minimize your product liability risks and stand out from the crowd with superior quality.

Get a type approval for your critical equipment or machinery to place your product in the EU market.

Ensure that your AI based system or application does comply with fairness, robustness, transparency, autonomy, privacy and security requirements

TrainingCertification of 

Engineers and Managers

Train your staff on essential safety, cyber security and artificial intelligence standards, processes and regulations with learning results verified. The essential know-how for your teams to develop safe and secure systems first time right.

Railway ISA

Our engagement as ISA (Independent Safety Assessor) will be a pre-requisite for the approval by the national railway authority. CertX may inspect or certify your product according to the prevailing railway standards .


Management Systems and Processes

to ensure that applicable safety and cyber security standards and regulations are being incorporated into the quality management systems of the company and applied in the daily work corporate-wide.

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    Swiss Quality

    Located centrally in Switzerland and centrally in Europe. A local network of experienced experts as well as close to world class research. Swiss quality; innovation focussed. A toolset well established and applied. See our customer testimonials below or ask us for further references

    “The ISO26262 is a key topic for Kalray, pioneer of processors for intelligent systems, such as autonomous vehicles.
    The CertX experts, led by Mr. Amin Amini, worked closely with the Kalray team to rapidly build a consistent framework meeting the requirements of ISO 26262.
    The high quality of the CertX services has efficiently updated the Kalray team to the latest version of the ISO 26262:2018 and SOTIF standards.

    Gerard Morin, Kalray SA

    “CertX has exceeded our expectations in the very complex field of cybersecurity. We gratefully acknowledge their commitment in improving security standards for the mobility sector”

    Valentino Scarcia, ITS Project Manager, Swiss Confederation, FEDRO


    “Nachdem die Functional Safety Red Belt Schulung von CertX in unserer internen Schulungsauswertung mit Bestnoten hervorstach, konnte ich mich persönlich davon überzeugen, dass:

    • die Trainer von CertX mit grosser Motivation und Kompetenz unterrichten,
    • die Unterlagen praktische Umsetzungsbeispiele enthalten, und
    • die Prüfungen ohne Zeitdruck das erlernte Wissen bewerten.

    Dr. Robert Fritsch, Head of Safety & Security Office, Brusa


    We see ourselves as a development partner, engineering service provider and series supplier for mobile and stationary energy storage systems. Our core competence lies in the development of battery management systems and complete system solutions for lithium-ion batteries according to the highest safety standards ISO 26262.”

     Futavis GmbH