We are:

  • The Swiss delegates for ISO 21448 (SOTIF for autonomous vehicles) and
  • ASD-STAN for EN 4709 committee (product requirements and verification for drones in the open category)
  • Member of the technical committee TC65 covering IEC 61508 & IEC 62443
  • Amongst the leading product certification bodies for functional safety and cyber security worldwide and your alternative to TÜV and Exida

Experts in Functional Safety and Cyber Security

The leadership team


Jens Henkner


In the past responsible manager of EASA 21J and FAR 45 organizations, chiefengineer of large commercial aircrafts responsible for certification and safety of fleet.
PhD in Aerospace engineering from the Technical University of Munich
Member of AIAA & DGLR.

T +41 26 309 29 91


Kilian Marty

Head of Cybersecurity and Lead Assessor

IEC 62443, OPST and IEC 61508 certified
M.Sc in telecommunication networks and IT security
Member of technical committee for IEC 62443

T +41 26 309 29 94


Eric Silva

Head of Machinery and Lead Assessor

Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland
IEC 61508, OPST and ISO 26262 certified
M.Sc in Embedded and mobile systems
Member of technical committee for IEC 61508 / 62061

T +41 26 309 29 93


Amin Amini

Head of Automotive, Lead Assessor and Deputy CEO

ISO 26262, OPST and IEC 61508 certified
M.Sc in telecommunication networks and IT security
Expert member of ISO 26262 2ndedition and ISO/PRF PAS 21448 (SOTIF) standardisation group

T +41 26 309 29 92


Sergio Labeaga

Head of Railway and Lead Assessor

EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50129 and CSM Expert
M.Sc. in telecommunication engineering and management
Member of the Safety and Reliability Society

T +41 26 309 29 95

Our commitment

We perform our services in favour of our clients, while we maintain a high impartiality, objectivity and credibility.

We will provide services with an excellent performance and quality to our clients which shall be supported by reliable and knowledgeable experts and comprehensive evaluations and inspections of their products, personnel or management systems.

CertX certified products are supposed to fully confirm with and shall meet the highest standards of the respective functional safety and cybersecurity requirements.

CertX certified personnel shall have demonstrated best knowledge and practice within the fields of the trained and certified standards.

CertX certifications of management systems shall demonstrate compliance with the relevant management standards and are effective to support the respective organization in achieving their objectives.

All clients have access to our services independent of their size, financial or any other conditions. We perform our services in a non-discriminatory way. All applicants fulfilling the specific certification criteria will get a certification.

All the information received from clients or by third parties will be treated fully confidential.

Swiss made in Fribourg

Located very centrally in Switzerland with proximity to key business partners. Access to experienced auditors as well as close to world class research. Swiss DNA – Quality & Innovation Focussed. A toolset well established and applied

CertX AG
Ancienne Papeterie 460
1723 Marly
T +41 26 309 29 99
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Company ID: CHE-487.868.652
Chairman: Dr. Wolfgang Berns
CEO: Dr. Jens Henkner