We are:

The First Swiss Certification Body for Functional Safety and Cyber Security

accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS)


for the certification of products and processes demonstrating the adherence to the highest standards for quality, impartiality and confidentiality.


Please find here the link to the official SAS registry.

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Experts in Functional Safety and Cyber Security

Co-Writers of the Standards for the Future Automated Systems

More than just applying rules – We create the future ones!

We are the Swiss delegates for the future standards:


  • ISO 21448 ( SOTIF – Safety of the Intended Function for autonomous vehicles)
  • Member of the technical committee TC65 covering IEC 61508 & IEC 62443

Our board members and directors

Director and Deputy CEO, Amin Amini

Director and Deputy CEO, Amin Amini

ISO 26262, OPST and IEC 61508 certified engineer M.Sc in telecommunication networks and IT security Expert member of ISO 26262 2nd edition and ISO/PRF PAS 21448 (SOTIF) standardisation group
Director, Prof. Dr. Jean-Phillip Bacher

Director, Prof. Dr. Jean-Phillip Bacher

HEIA-FR technology transfer manager, leading the institute of applied research in energy systems. Technical background and experience in mechanical engineering, automation and robotics. Current R&D activities in the field of smart building and cities in the context of the energy transition. Holds Doctorate in technical sciences from EPFL.

Chairman of the board of directors, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Berns

Chairman of the board of directors, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Berns

Senior engineer, director of ROSAS, managing director and company owner with more than 35 years experience in systems and safety engineering in aviation (engines, aircrafts), space, power generation (power plants, gas turbines, wind turbines), rail systems, automotive and machinery. Graduated from the Technical University of Munich in aerospace engineering, holds doctorate in engineering

Director, Prof. Jacques Bersier

Director, Prof. Jacques Bersier

Deputy director and R&D director of the School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg, school member of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland. Member of the EUR-ACE label committee, representing the Swiss Agency of Accreditation and Quality Assurance (AAQ). International expert at CTI France.

Director and chairman of the advisory board, Hanspeter Ischi

Director and chairman of the advisory board, Hanspeter Ischi

Former head of the Swiss Accreditation Service SAS, after retirement providing consultation and training in organisational development and conformity assessment in Asia and Europe.

Director, Paul Häring

Director, Paul Häring

Partner awr AG für Wirtschaft und Recht; member of several Board of Directors and Audit Committees, financial expert

CEO, Jens Henkner

CEO, Jens Henkner

Former responsible manager of EASA 21J and FAR 145 organizations, chief engineer of large commercial aircrafts responsible for certification and safety of fleet and CTO for a large international wind turbine OEM. Chair of the Swiss national committee for safe and trustworthy AI and member of the ASD-STAN working group for drones.

Director, Thierry Lassus

Director, Thierry Lassus

Charismatic entrepreneurial leader with high-energy personality, Thierry has 20 year of railway industry experience and he’s today CEO of ABB Sécheron SA in Geneva. In addition he is also heading the transportation segment for ABB including rail, land, marine and airborne transportation

Our Partners and Network

Partner of ARM's Functional Safety Partnership Program

ARM is a global semiconductor and software design company, with its global headquarters in Cambridgeshire, in the United Kingdom. Arm’s Functional Safety Partnership Program brings together partners in Arm’s broad ecosystem who specialize in the area of functional safety and can reliably support customers with industry-leading functional safety services, tools and training.

Part of the Cyber Security Start-Up Network in Switzerland

Find partners and services around cybersecurity here.

Founding Member of the Drone Industry Association Switzerland (DIAS)

You are looking for partners, products or services around drones? Please see the LinkedIn Page to find out more about DIAS and its members.

Partner of Swiss Moves

CertX is partner in Swiss Moves to achieve a safe and efficient mobility of tomorrow.

Partner of the USAI network

CertX is a partner of the network for Unmanned Systems for Autonomous Inspection to assist in the realisation of technologies and products promoting safe and secure artificial intelligence applications.

Partner of Etteplan's roadmap for cyber security certifications and trainings

Etteplan provides solutions for industrial equipment and plant engineering, software and embedded, and technical documentation to the world’s leading companies in the manufacturing industry.

CertX is Etteplan’s partner in IEC62443 trainings and in accredited certification of processes and products.

See the press release here

Partner in the European project “AWARD”

CertX is partner in the European project “AWARD” to autonomize heavy-vehicles for logistics operations. The project will develop and enable a safe autonomous transportation system in a wide range of real-life use cases in a variety of different scenarios.



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101006817. 
Partner in the European project “ORCHESTRA”

CertX is partner in the European project “ORCHESTRA” will aims to coordinate and synchronise the traffic management of all transport modes.

ORCHESTRA aims to connect services to make mobility and logistics run smoothly to cope with diverse demands and situations.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101006817. 

Our commitment

We perform our services in favour of our clients, while we maintain a high impartiality, objectivity and credibility.


We provide services with an excellent performance and quality. Our clients will be supported by reliable and knowledgeable experts and comprehensive evaluations and inspections of their products, personnel or management systems.


CertX certified products and processes are supposed to fully confirm with the latetest standards and shall meet all respective functional safety and cybersecurity requirements fully.


CertX certified personnel shall have demonstrated proficient knowledge and practice within the fields of the trained and certified standards.


CertX certifications of management systems shall demonstrate compliance with the relevant management standards and are effective to support the respective organization in achieving their objectives.


All clients have access to our services independent of their size, financial or any other conditions. We perform our services in a non-discriminatory way. All applicants fulfilling the specific certification criteria will get a certification.


All the information received from clients or by third parties will be treated fully confidential.

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