The systems of cars are continuously becoming more complex therefore ensuring their safety and security is key especially when it comes to autonomous and connected vehicles.
In order to enable a safe integration into the traffic today and in the future those systems must demonstrate compliance with the latest standards for safety and cyber security. CertX ensures the safety and security of those innovative systems though a test and certification program using the international standard ISO 26262 and the new standards for autonomous vehicles  ISO 21448  (SOTIF – Safety Of The Intended Functionality) and ISO 21434 (cybersecurity for road vehicles).

As a certification body, CertX use its in-depth know how on the standards to offer a lean and comprehensive assessment and certification program which helps customers to have safer product on-time on the market.

We are at the leading edge when it comes to autonomous vehicles. We train your staff and assess the safety, cyber security and functional performance of your automotive product.


Product Assessment & Certification ISO 26262 and ISO 21448 (SOTIF)

The goal is to show the compliance of the product with the related standard. The result is a certificate and the assessment report specifying all the findings as well as for certifications a compliance report  identifying all non-conformities and recommendations.


Functional Safety
CertX use the safety case methodology to assess and certify products according to the ASIL (Automotive Safety Integrity Level). Each Product product is unique therefore dedicated certification requirements for every product will be identified at different level:

  • Functional Safety Management
  • Concept Phase
  • System Level
  • Hardware Level
  • Software Level

See more details about our product assessment process page or more details about our product certification process

Automotive Cybersecurity
CertX provides also ISO 21434 assessments and certifications of cyber security aspects in the automotive domain.

See more details about it at our cyber security page.


Training & Person Certification

CertX provides a dedicated person certification program at different level of expertise for responsibilities for safety management related to ISO 26262 and ISO 21448.


CertX experts can also provide customized and in-house training to meet your needs for qualifying your staff. You will find an actual overview on courses, venues and dates on our training page.

See more details about our qualification scheme at our training & person certification process page.

Quality Management System Certification

CertX assess the quality management system of the organization to ensure the quality and management compliance of the company for developing safety and security relevant products.

For ISO 26262, ISO 21434 but also EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 27001 to facilitate the interaction between the supplier and the customers Tier-2, Tier-1 and OEM.


Andreas Gruber

Head of Functional Safety
T +41 26 309 29 95