Person Certification Process

On one hand, the number of functional safety and cybersecurity engineers is increasing rapidly, therefore it is important to distinguish qualified engineers. On the other hand, all the functional safety and cybersecurity standards require the evidence of technical competence of engineers involved in the project.

CertX person certification program ensures the level of competence of the engineer which could be helpful for the new perspective in a professional career and also for companies to identify the most relevant person to join the company.

CertX team of trainers provide their deep knowledge and extensive experience in functional safety and cybersecurity through the person certification program.

Functional safety trainings and workshops are offered worldwide either open or as in-house trainings. The training is tailored to the different needs as mentioned below:

CertX can offer a structured qualification program as well to certify engineers and managers. The program offers three levels depending on the experiences and the competencies.

“Functional Safety Red Belt” (FSRB) and “Cyber Security Red Belt” (CSRB) certification exam, would ensure that engineers passing the exam have a proficient basic knowledge in functional safety or cybersecurity.

“Functional Safety Black Belt” (FSBB) and “Cyber Security Black Belt” (CSBB) are dedicated to engineers and manager already proficient with the basic certification and having at last 3 years of experience with functional safety or cybersecurity activities.

“Functional Safety Master” (FSM) and “Cyber Security Master” (CSM) ensure the expertise of highly skilled engineers and manager having at last 5 years of experience with functional safety or cyber security. These trainings are dedicated to persons having responsible positions.

The exams will be taken at the end of the course.

In case the individual trainee achieves a minimum of 75% of the total score he/she will receive a certificate valid for a period of 3 years.

In case of non-achievement of the minimum score he/she will receive a confirmation of participation.

Upon the agreement of the individual we publish his/her certificate and validity on our registry accessible through our website.