The systems of cars are continuously becoming more complex therefore ensuring their safety and security is key especially when it comes to autonomous and connected vehicles.


In order to enable a safe integration into the traffic today and in the future those systems must demonstrate compliance with the latest standards for safety and cyber security.


CertX ensures the safety and security of those innovative systems though a test and certification program using the international standard ISO 26262 and the new standards for autonomous vehicles  ISO 21448  (SOTIF – Safety Of The Intended Functionality) and ISO 21434 (cybersecurity for roadvehicles).


by The on-going merge between industrial networks (OT) and information networks (IT) demands to take care of security aspects topics to ensure a uninterrupted, safe and secure operation.


Upcoming standards and regulation will require to include cyber security aspects for connected systems.  Service providers, product manufacturers and operators should embrace today the related aspects to ensure a safe and secure system delivery and operation.


This does not just apply for Machinery and Industry 4.0 but also across other industries such as Automotive, Railway, healthcare, Energy, Chemical/Oil/Gas, Supply Chain… CertX may help  you getting prepared for the challenges ahead by increasing the awareness and skills of your managers/engineers about best security practices and policies, by evaluating your current posture against key cyber security references and ultimately by certifying your products, processes and management systems


Our core competencies are related to following references:


  • General OT Security: ISA/IEC62443, NIST800-82…
  • General IT Security: ISO27K series, NIST-CSF
  • Automotive Security: ISO/SAE21434, SAE J3061
  • Regulations: NIS-Directive, EU-GDPR, (upcoming) UNECE-WP.29

Industrial Machinery

Industry 4.0 changes the world of automation. Cobots, AI, predictive maitenance drive a paradigm shift in automation.


In almost all their use cases, machines have to work in an environment populated by operators, maintenance staff or even interact with the public. Because of this proximity the safety of their various functionalities is paramount. In a connected world cyber security must be maintaind throughout the life cycle in addition.


CertX helps equipment suppliers and operators to asses those risks according the EU machine directive and  ensures the safety and security of your products according the harmonized standards such as IEC 61508, ISO 13849, IEC 62061 through a test and certification program and also can cover all cyber security aspects.


Rail transport has played a fundamental role in the development of many societies during the last two centuries by being one of the most competitive and resource-efficient transport systems. Today, the railway industry is on the verge of a new exciting era of innovation and automation that will take safety, energy-efficiency and users to the next level.


CertX independent assessments and inspections provide you all necessary pre-requisites for the approval of the railway authorities for train signalling and command and control systems on board or inside infrastructure.


CertX is accrediated and listed at ERADIS as ASBO and ISA for independent assessments in the European railway network.

Industrial Drone

Almost all relevant industrial applications of drones do require approval by the airworthiness authorities.

New rules of EASA coming into force beginning of 2020 will provide clear guidelines for the operations and certification of UAVs.



We may help you in navigating through the legal framework and support you in obtaining all necessary approvals of the National Airworthiness Office and / or EASA to make your drone fly.