Industry / Sector

CertX is active across all domain of automated and autonomous system. You will benefit by our broad cross-industry experience. Our certification schemes allow the certification for a range of standards at the same time.


Autonomous driving, electrification and connectivity are the major innovation drivers in automotive, resulting in more complex functionality in addition to increasing safety requirements for software-based vehicle systems.


With expertise in automotive functional safety (ISO 26262), cybersecurity (ISO 21434), safety of the intended functionality (ISO 21448) and artificial intelligence, CertX aims to provide all services for the certification and homologation of dependable and trustworthy systems for future mobility.

Industrial Machinery

Industry 4.0 changes the world of automation. Co-bots, AI and predictive maintenance drive a paradigm shift in automation. Machinery is interacting with human operators, maintenance staff or even the public, forming safety-critical interfaces – the reliability of safety features is paramount in all those use cases. Additionally, sensible company data or the production ability itself can be attacked via IOT features or production management systems, raising the importance of production security.



CertX evaluates the safety and security risks according the EU machinery directive EU 2006/42 (see NANDO entry) and related standards such as EN/IEC 61508, EN/ISO 13849, EN/IEC 62061 for safety and IEC 62443 for security through a comprehensive certification and inspection program.


In today’s electronic world, cybersecurity in healthcare and protecting information is vital for the normal functioning of organizations. Many healthcare organizations have various types of specialized hospital information systems, as well as heterogeneous medical devices to manage. In that context both IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operation Technology) assets are considered as critical.

CertX is offering the right expertise and services to secure your equipment and the privacy of critical data.


Rail transport has played a fundamental role in the development of many societies during the last two centuries by being one of the most competitive and resource-efficient transport systems. Today, the railway industry is on the verge of a new exciting era of innovation and automation that will take safety, energy-efficiency and users to the next level.


CertX independent certifications, assessments and inspections provide you all necessary pre-requisites for the approval of the railway authorities for train signalling and command and control systems on board or inside infrastructure.


CertX is accrediated as ISA Body for Independent Safety Assessments in the European railway network.

Aerospace & Drones

Almost all relevant industrial applications of drones do require approval by the airworthiness authorities.

New rules of EASA came into force recently and provide clear guidelines for the operations and certification of UAVs.


We may help you in navigating through the legal framework and support you in obtaining all necessary approvals of the National Airworthiness Office and / or EASA to make your drone fly.