Industrial Drone

Like in many other domains also in the aerospace the introduction of high capacity batteries together with efficient electric drives and affordable and lightweight control systems are creating a drastic change.

Starting form very small applications for surveillance, mid sized transportation drones for urgent parcel delivery up to very large scale and man-carrying vehicles unmanned arial vehicles (UAV) are challenging existing applications and offering new business propositions.

Switzerland is being amongst the most advanced countries with respect to practical drone operations.

New rules of EASA coming into force beginning of 2019 will provide clear guidelines for the operations and certification of UAVs.



  • Increased Risk
  • Authorization by the National Airworthiness Authority based on Specific Operational Risk Assessment
  • Standard scenarios with declaration or authorization
  • Operational Concept of approved operator with privilege
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Industrial applications need approval for operation:

A SORA case will have to be prepared by the operator with the airworthiness authorities approving or rejecting the case.

Currently there is not (yet) a standardized practice of approval procedure and material requested.

Approval is given on a case by case basis depending on the application by the operator.

Typically a long trial phase with operational limitations and high effort for supervision.

CertX can support in the approval using an expertise from all required domains.

CertX can assists in defining necessary technical requirements for the drone itself.

CertX and DronePole partners can provide all the tools to test and assess the compliance of drones / drones missions.

Efficient, repeatable, reliable assessment. Easier approval of operation.

SORA Services

SORA (specific operational risk assessment) is a risk assessements (similiar to functional safety analysis) based on multidisciplinary view on the specific operation, such as:

CertX Services Contributions
  • Prepare or check Drone specification
  • Assessment according to technical standards incl. functional tests
  • Consult operator for SORA preparation, verify documentation.
  • Interface with the NAA(National Airworthiness Authority)
  • QM surveillance and approval
  • Cybersecurity certification
  • Define necessary requirements and related test
  • Conduct tests together with partner network


Systems for autonomous flight (datalink, sense & avoid) may receive an independent approval.

Certified drones will need special certification for autonomous systems acc. to industry standards e.g. for machinery or automotive:

CertX can certify such systems according to functional safety and cyber security standards.


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