Starting from very small applications for surveillance, mid-sized transportation drones for urgent parcel delivery up to very large scale and man-carrying vehicles unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are challenging existing applications and offering new business propositions.


Switzerland is being amongst the most advanced countries with respect to practical drone operations.


The new rules of EASA recently came into force  and provide clear guidelines for the operations and certification of UAVs. We can offer experience and support to make your drone fly.

CertX with its unique combination of aerospace know-how combined with in-depth expertise of automated systems.

We support your drone application or service.



  • The open category does apply to leisure drones and small industrial applications to be used in a line-of-sight operation or under observation.
  • The EN 4709 standard defines the technical requirements to comply with the EU directive and the CE marking directive.
  • As co-authors of this standard CertX we can help you to demonstrate compliance.


  • The rules for a specific drone operation apply for almost all relevant commercial operations.
  • Authorization by the National Airworthiness Authority will be done based on a Specific Operational Risk Assessment (SORA)
  • CertX can provide support to defined the required SAIL level and support the SORA documentation.


Industrial applications need approval for operation:


A SORA case will have to be prepared by the operator for the approval by the airworthiness authorities.


CertX can support the SORA approval and check the technical readiness of the drone for the intended mission.


SORA Services

SORA (specific operational risk assessment) is a risk assessment (similar to functional safety analysis) based on a multidisciplinary view on the specific operation, such as:



CertX Services


  • Consult operator for SORA preparation, verify documentation.
  • Prepare or check drone specification
  • Assessment of drone and equipment according to technical standards incl. functional tests
  • Interface with the NAA (National Airworthiness Authority)
  • QM surveillance and approval
  • Cybersecurity check
  • Define necessary requirements and related test

Drone Parachutes

  • Drone parachutes are a very practical way of mitigating risks for drone operations.
  • The ATSM F 3322 standards define the design and test of a parachute for drones
  • CertX can offer its services to act as a Third-Party Test Agency (TPTA) as defined in the ATSM standard.


Systems for autonomous flight (datalink, sense & avoid) may receive an independent approval.


Certified drones will need special certification for autonomous systems acc. to industry standards e.g. for machinery or automotive.


We may support you in defining with EASA the required mean of compliance for your drone or operation. We certify systems acc. to industry standards as a pre-requisite for approval by the authorities.


Jens Henkner

CEO and responsible for the Drone department
T +41 26 309 29 91