CertX AG

CertX AG is a company on shares registered at the commercial register of the canton of Fribourg, Switzerland

CertX has its headquarter in the Passage Du Cardinal 13b, 1700 Fribourg, Switzerland

Company ID: CHE-487.868.652

Chairman: Dr. Wolfgang Berns

CEO: Dr. Jens Henkner

CertX GmbH

CertX GmbH is a limited liability company owned 100% by CertX AG.

CertX has its headquarter in Junkersstraße 1D, 87734 Benningen, Germany

Company ID: HRB 20068

UID: DE356283641

Managing Director: Andreas Gruber

Impartiality and Confidentiality

We perform our services in favour of our clients, while we maintain a high impartiality, objectivity and credibility.

We provide services with an excellent performance and quality. Our clients will be supported by reliable and knowledgeable experts and comprehensive evaluations and inspections of their products, personnel or management systems.

CertX certified products and processes are supposed to fully confirm with the latetest standards and shall meet all respective functional safety and cybersecurity requirements fully.

CertX certified personnel shall have demonstrated proficient knowledge and practice within the fields of the trained and certified standards.

CertX certifications of management systems shall demonstrate compliance with the relevant management standards and are effective to support the respective organization in achieving their objectives.

All clients have access to our services independent of their size, financial or any other conditions. We perform our services in a non-discriminatory way. All applicants fulfilling the specific certification criteria will get a certification.

All the information received from clients or by third parties will be treated fully confidential in all cases (even without a NDA in place)