Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence already became an everyday technology, e.g. the first self-driving cars are already on the road, and autonomously flying drones in operation. However, there’s currently no solution on the market to evaluate the quality and the performance of such AI based solutions. One of the biggest challenges for further application of AI is the adherence to aspects of fairness, robustness, transparency, autonomy and control, data security and IT security in a transparent and verifiable manner.


CertX offers CertAI together with Munich Re and Fraunhofer IAIS, a unique certification program and related services to combine the state of the research and technology with the deep knowledge of the certification and risk assessment to offer for the first time a certification program with an international recognition.

We provide a systematic and independent evaluation of your AI solution performed by a unique combination of experts of AI, safety and security and risk management


Product Assessment & Certification

For highly critical applications and products such as automotive, industrial machinery, industrial drones, and medical devices, we offer evaluation services and certification based on ISO/IEC 24029, ISO/IEC 5259, ISO/IEC 5469, ISO/IEC 38507, and EU AI Act. 

Quality seal

We offer quality seals for AI Trustworthiness with respect to AI robustness, transparency, data security, and autonomy and control for a wide range of domains including, but not limited to, financial services, IT, legal affairs, HR systems, etc., through the CertAI assessment framework.

Quality Management System Certification

CertX audit the quality management system of the organisation to ensure the quality and management compliance of the company for developing products using AI or machine learning techniques. Such audit is based on the state of the art using the European directive and international standards:

  • EU Regulatory framework proposal on artificial intelligence
  • ISO/IEC FDIS 23894 Information technology — Artificial intelligence — Guidance on risk management
  • ISO/IEC DIS 42001 Information Technology — Artificial intelligence — Management system
  • ISO/IEC CD 5952-3 Artificial intelligence — Data quality for analytics and machine learning (ML) — Part 3: Data quality management requirements and guidelines


Dr. Arman Iranfar

Head of Artificial Intelligence
T +41 26 309 29 97