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We have developed a suite of training courses for all aspects and relevant standards of functional safety and cyber security. Our different courses serve engineers as well as managers across all seniorities to improve and build up know-how in the relevant topics.

Certification programs verify the training success and provide a structured base for expertise and skill development.

Please find below available courses clustered by domain.

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Automotive Trainings


The automotive functional safety is applicable to safety relevant systems and becomes more and more important with the introduction of autonomous and electrical systems. The competence management clauses in the applicable standards require that the organisation shall ensure that the persons involved in the execution of the safety life-cycle have a sufficient level of skills, competences and qualifications corresponding to their responsibilities. Our courses provide the right knowledge to manage the appropriate safety related aspects in the development of modern automotive systems. Our trainers have first hand knowledge as co-authors of the upcoming standards.

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Certifications Courses:

Location Date Language
Liechtenstein 04.11.2019 – 08.11.2019 English
Munich 09.12.2019 – 13.12.2019 English (German)
Grenoble 16.12.2019 – 20.12.2019 French
Stuttgart Q1 2020
Zurich Q1 2020 English (German)
Paris Q1 2020
Turin tbd. 2020 English
Location Date Language
Fribourg 04.03.2019 – 08.03.2019 English
Fribourg 23.03.2019 – 27.03.2019 English


Overview Courses:

Location Date Training Language
Fribourg 08.10.2019 ISO 21448/PAS Training English
Online On request ISO 21448/PAS Training English


Machinery Trainings

IEC 61508 - ISO 13849 - IEC 62061

The machinery and robotic domain is regulated by various different standards. Understanding their differences and how it is possible to apply them in the product development process of your company is sometimes laborious. Our trainings support you in applying every part of these standards, from the hazard analysis to the validation of the system without forgetting the software and hardware assessment. Moreover, it is enhanced with personal exercises for the different phases in order to improve assimilation of information.

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Functional Safety Certification Courses:

Location Date Language
Munich 09.09.2019 – 13.09.2019 English
Zurich 07.10.2019 – 11.10.2019 English
Fribourg 09.03.2020 – 13.03.2020 English
Munich 09.03.2020 – 13.03.2020 German
Location Date Language
Fribourg 14.10.2019 – 16.10.2019 French
Zurich 23.03.2020 – 25.03.2020 English


Functional Safety Overview Trainings:

Location Date Language
on-demand on-demand English
on-demand on-demand French

Cybersecurity Trainings

IEC62443 - ISO21434 - Awareness - GDPR

Industrial or operational cyber security (OT) is primarily about combining the principles of safety from the OT environment with the principles of IT security. This combination makes it difficult for end users to understand and identify security as a critical issue that needs systematic investment. Our trainings improve your cyber security awareness and support you on the road to an internationally recognised certification.

We provide trainings focused on “traditional” IT  security as well as on OT security to improve your knowledge and competencies. In addition we also offer overview course mainly dedicated to managers to understand the overall landscape of cyber security and data protection.

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Cybersecurity Certifications Course:

Location Date Language
Fribourg 18.11.2019 – 22.11.2019 English


Generic Awareness:

Location Date Language
Geneva 23.09.2019 French
on demand on-demand English
on demand on-demand French
Location Date Language
Lausanne 16.09.2019 English
on demand on-demand English
on demand on-demand French
Location Date Language
Geneva 09.012.2019 French
on demand on-demand English
on demand on-demand French
Location Date Language
on-demand on-demand on-demand

Medical Devices:

Location Date Language
on-demand on-demand on-demand

Smart Mobility / Automotive:

  • Coming soon…

Railway Trainings

EN 50126 - EN 50128 - EN 50129 - EU Reg. 402/2013 CSM

CertX railway safety courses provide participants with a solid knowledge to implement the applicable safety and RAM norms in their railway domains.

The courses combine the necessary theory with a set of practical exercises. Attendees also benefit from a flexible training approach where programs are tailored to the individual needs to optimize time and maximize efficiency.

The training options range from basic 1-day introductions to professional certifications.

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RAMS Certification Courses:

Location Date Language
Fribourg 10-11-12 March 2020 English
Munich Q2 2020 English

Introduction courses:

Location Date Language
Fribourg 10.10.2019 English
Fribourg Q4 2020 English
Location Date Language
Fribourg 11.10.2019 English
Fribourg Q4 2020 English


Other Trainings

Equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX)

ATEX is the European Directive that defines the safe use of electrical and mechanical equipment in Hazardous Areas (where there are flammable substances which have a risk of explosion).

ATEX training provides participants with an introduction to explosive atmospheres, explosion principles and types of protection. Technical knowledge on ignition sources, flammability data and an insight into the design of installations and assessment of explosive atmospheres.

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ATEX Training course:

Location Date Language
Fribourg 25.02.2019 – 27.02.2019 English

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