Product Certification Process

We certify your products according to latest standards with cutting edge technology
experience. We speak your language if it come to innovative products.

Our objective is that you get most out a certification and we are proposing to work with us
concurrently along the development of your product.

By defining the critical elements early on you will be able to catch weak spots in your product
safety early on and correct it quickly.

We will be your safety sparring partner not just in the development but through the whole
lifecycle of your product.

An innovation ensured by us is a market enabler for you.

CertX Certifications

  • Ensure adherence to rules and applicable laws to allow sale, use and operation of certified¬†products
  • Reduce insurance premiums for operators and thus better economics
  • Ease investments and ensure bankability
  • Lower risk for product liability and lower cost of poor quality

CertX certifications will enable a bigger market success and ensure customer satisfaction