Today, the railway industry is on the verge of a new exciting era of innovation and automation that will take safety, energy-efficiency and users to the next level.

CertX independent product certifications, assessments and inspections help customers to assure that their new railway systems are safe, compliant with the applicable norms and ready to be approved by the railway authorities.

“The safety of the people shall be the highest law." – Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman philosopher born in 106 BC


Independent Safety Assessment – ISA

CertX independent inspections or product certifications help you to assure that your railway systems are safe, and compliant with the applicable norms.


Our ISA (Independent Safety Assessment) services are a pre-requisites for the approval by the railway authorities.


We cover the principal regulations for safety in railways:


  • EN 50126 – Specification and demonstration of RAMS
  • EN 50128 – Software for railway control and protection systems
  • EN 50129 – Safety related electronic systems for signalling
  • EN  50657- Software on Board Rolling Stock
  • IEC 62443 – Cybersecurity 


We certify or inspect your locomotives, EMUs, DMUs, metros, on-track machines, fixed installations or their subsystems (door control systems, brake controls, train control monitoring systems, signalling, etc.).



Learn more about our product inspection & certification process.

    RAMS Training Courses

    CertX increases the RAMS competencies of your team members through several training courses and qualification schemes.





    CertX experts can also provide customized and in-house training to meet your specific needs for qualifying your staff.


    You will find an actual overview on courses, venues and dates on our training page.


    See more details about our qualification scheme at our training & person certification process page.


    Cyber Security services for Railway systems and OT Security management

    Security is becoming a priority in industrial IT and Operational Technology (OT) as connectivity to external networks grow and attacks on operational technology increase. Many companies are still not aware of the threats that cyberattacks pose to their OT assets. Moreover, their measures for cybersecurity are usually not tailored to operational technology. Such considerations for critical infrastructure such as railway environment are today regulated based on new EU/UN directives (e.g. NIS) and national rules. In that context, ISA/IEC 62443 standard series, with its railway-oriented specification CEN CLS TS 50701 represent the State-of-the-Art.

    CertX Cyber Security team supports industrial actors based on following services: 

    • Awareness & Education
      • Increasing awareness and understanding about best IT/OT security practices throughout introduction courses, or deep-dive sessions on specific methods, e.g. cyber threat analysis and risk assessment
    • Compliance check & certifications for evaluating your current management system practices, processes and product capabilities, and validate them according to ISA/IEC 62443, CEN, CLC TS 50701, ISO/IEC 15408 (Common Criteria), or any other related reference document.
    • Technical evaluation & Testing for challenging your products and/or infrastructure against attack attempts
    • Supporting services for accompanying your team on the right path for implementing best security practices and complying with State-of-the-Art references.

    Feel free to contact our Cyber Security team for more info


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    Head of Functional Safety
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    Kilian Marty

    Head of Cybersecurity
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