CSM Overview

Course Identifier:  e00-008

This half-day training course is the first step for understanding the CSM (Common Safety Methods) process defined in the EU regulation 352/2009 and 402/2013, its context, actors, main actions and deliverables.

This course can be tailored depending on the needs of the participants, as the applicable version may change depending on the country where it is going to be applied.

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1. Introduction

  • What is CSM?
  • Legal framework.
  • Scope. Applicability and exceptions.

2. CSM Process

  • Understanding the significance of the change
  • Introduction to HAZID
  • Discarding Broadly acceptable hazards
  • Selection of the Risk Acceptance Principle
  • Definition of Safety requirements

3. Assessment Body

  • Role, activities & outcome

4. CSM documentation

This training is enhanced with personal exercises during the different phases in order to improve assimilation of information.

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