ISO24089 & UN-R 156 Automotive Cyber Security Red Belt Certification

Course Identifier:  e32-001

During the one-day training course you will become familiar with relevant cyber security terminology and activities, you get an excellent understanding of the ISO24089 Standard and you will learn to apply your new knowledge and skills within the practice of your own organization and understand the relation to the UN-R 156 required for vehicle homologations
The final exam will verify and demonstrate your new skills.

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UN ECE R156, ISO24089 scope , objectives and overview
  • Relation with R155 & ISO/SAE 21434 and other UN ECE Regulation
  • UNECE R156 requirements, including VTA requirements
ISO 24089
  • Software update requirement on organizational level – “Management Systems”
  • Software update requirement on project level
  • Software update requirement on infrastructure level
  • Software update requirement on vehicle level
  • Software update package
  • Software update campaigjn
  • Open session / Q&A

Exam (optional, 1h)


The exam will be taken at the end of the course.

In case the individual trainee achieves a minimum of 75% of the total score he/she will receive a certificate valid for a period of 3 years.

In case of non-achievement of the minimum score he/she will receive a confirmation of participation.

Upon the agreement of the individual we publish his/her certificate and validity on our registry accessible through our website.

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