ISO-13849 Functional Safety Red Belt Certification

Course Identifier:  e21-001

You can find below the full training program o and the agenda, including location by city/country and dates.

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Our course is structured based on a top-down approach allowing trainees to book one or multiple days tailored to your needs. However, the exam given the third day requires that all training days (1-to-2) have been followed by the trainee.

Day 1 – ISO-13849 Introduction, Risk analysis and architecture constraints

  1. Machinery directive and type of standards
  2. Harmonized vs non-harmonized standards
  3. ISO 12100 risk assessment and risk reduction measures
  4. Risk analysis according to ISO 13849
  5. Safety functions and Safety performance
  6. Standard categories and their PL

Day 2 – ISO-13849 Safety Metrics, Software and Validation

  1. Evaluation of the safety metrics (MTTFd, DC, CCF)
  2. Measures against common cause failures
  3. Software requirements
  4. Module test, integration test and validation
  5. Validation process



Slot 1 : 

  • Where: CertX permises or other (according to customer convenience)
  • When: on demand
  • Language: English or French


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