IEC-61508 Functional Safety Red Belt Certification

Course Identifier:  e20-001

You can find below the full training program o and the agenda, including location by city/country and dates.

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Our course is structured based on a top-down approach allowing trainees to book one or multiple days tailored to your needs. However, the exam given the fifth day requires that all training days (1-to-4) have been followed by the trainee.

Day 1 – IEC-61508 Introduction and overall lifecycle

  1. Relation to other standards
  2. Concepts of safety and standards
  3. Functional Safety Management (FSM)
  4. Terminology
  5. Overall lifecycle
  6. Responsibilities and competencies of the personal
  7. Safety work products
  8. Risk reduction

Day 2 – IEC-61508 HW development and metrics for design assessment

  1. Hazard and Risk Assessment
  2. Hardware Architectures
  3. Measures against systematic failures
  4. Introduction to Diagnostic Coverage (DC), Safe Failure Fraction (SFF) and Hardware Fault Tolerance (HFT)
  5. Mission profiles

Day 3 – IEC-61508 FMEDA, failure rates, HW metrics and relation with SW

  1. Types of failures (Safe Failure, Dangerous Detected, Dangerous Undetected)
  2. Failure rate repartition and diagnostic coverage application
  3. Failure Mode, Effect and Diagnostic Analysis (FMEDA)
  4. Safety Mechanisms and detection of failures (Techniques and Measures)
  5. Calculation of PFH / PFD and influence of common cause failures
  6. Overview of available databases for the failure rate determination

Day 4 – IEC-61508 Software Development

  1. Software development phases
  2. Requirement and Documentation management
  3. Measures and techniques for avoiding systematic failures
  4. Software Validation
  5. Tool qualification
  6. Software Modification



Slot 1 : 

  • Where: To be defined depending on the participants
  • When: On demand
  • Language: French / English


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