The head of the automotive department of CertX has been nominated by the Swiss Association for Standardisation (SNV) as the only Swiss delegate to participate to the ISO standardisation group for ISO 21448.

In the last meeting held in Pisa in November 2018 the group made a significant contribution by 70 persons from 17 countries to bring forward the development of the ISO 21448 SOTIF “Safety of intended functionality”.

While the ISO 26262 addresses the vehicle safety as the absence of unreasonable risks that arise from malfunctions of the E/E system, SOTIF has initiated by the auto industry, focus the on the avoidance of unreasonable risks caused by any hazard, including those caused by limitations of the controlled system. For road vehicles, it becomes important to reduce risks caused by any hazard associated with the E/E system, including those not due to failures.

Nowadays, most of the vehicles are equipped with the systems which rely on sensing the environment, while there can be safety violations caused by limitations in the intended function of a system that is free from the faults as defined in ISO 26262.

One of most critical point of SOTIF is its scope. This could have a significative impact for the development of the future cars. Since most of experts of the SOTIF group believe that SOTIF must be applicable also at the higher level of automation (up to SAE Level 5) knowing that making a safe AD system is extremely challenging even for the world’s AD experts.

Another key aspect of SOTIF is its relation to ISO 26262. One can argue that some HARA of functional safety must consider the SOTIF hazards or that SOTIF must only be considered in Functional Safety management. We believe that SOTIF activities must be synchronised and harmonised with the ISO 26262 activities, remaining the SOTIF activities independent.

We at CertX strongly believe in the values that SOTIF can bring for the safety of auto industry.

CertX continuously develop its SOTIF service and offers currently:

  • Training: Introducing to SOTIF
  • Impact assessment of the SOTIF activities on the Functional Safety Management System
  • Upon request – SOTIF validation workshop on our XIL platform (Model/Hardware/Software in the loop)

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