IT Security Awareness

Course Identifier:  e00-003

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Our course is a 2-parts structure based on a fixed part including a general introduction and best practices and some other topics can be slightly tailored to the preferences of trainees.

  1. Introduction
    1. What is cybersecurity (AAA)
    2. Terminology
    3. Threats
  2. Cyberattack
    1. Threats sources
    2. Common weaknesses
  3. Hot topic 1: Social Engineering (SE)
    1. What is SE
    2. Human weaknesses
    3. Attack vectors
    4. Trends & News
    5. Demo
  4. Hot topic 2: Digital Identity
    1. What is privacy
    2. Attack vectors and risks
  5. Hot topic 3: Ransomware (RW)
    1. What is RW
    2. Attack vectors and risks
    3. Trends & News
  6. Good practices
  7. Conclusion



Slot 1 – Genève (CH): 

  • Where: Genève (location to be precised later)
  • When: 23.09.2019
  • Language: French


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IT Security Awareness

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