ISO/IEC 42001 — AI Management System


Our ISO 42001 AI Management System course spans 1 full day of lectures and hands-on exercises and a 3-hour exam the next day. This course is designed to equip participants with a robust understanding of managing AI systems within organizational contexts. Day 1 starts with an exploration of the context of the organization, defining the scope of the AI Management System, and detailing the leadership and commitments necessary for effective AI policy implementation. Participants will also examine roles and responsibilities, and engage in planning sessions that include AI risk assessments and system impact assessments, adhering to ISO/IEC 23894 and ISO/IEC 42005 standards respectively. The curriculum covers AI objectives, planning for changes, and the various supports required such as resources, competence, awareness, communication, and documentation. Operational aspects are addressed through performance evaluation techniques including monitoring, measurement, analysis, internal audits, and management reviews, culminating in discussions on continuous improvement and corrective actions to refine AI practices.


Day 1: Course

  • Context of the organization
    • AI Management System Scope
    • AI Management System
  • Leadership
    • Commitments
    • AI Policy
    • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Planning
    • AI Risk Assessment and treatment (ISO/IEC 23894)
    • AI System Impact Assessment (ISO/IEC 42005)
    • AI Objectives
    • Planning of Changes
  • Support
    • Recourses
    • Competence
    • Awareness
    • Communication
    • Documentation
  • Operation
  • Performance Evaluation
    • Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis
    • Internal Audit
    • Management Review
  • Improvement
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Corrective Actions

Day 2: Exam

  • Covering all course topics
  • Mix format – Multiple choice questions and report/documentation

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