EU AI Act – Principles and Implications

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) takes the front seat in shaping our future, regulatory frameworks are critically important to ensure that these transformative technologies are developed and deployed in an ethical and responsible manner. Our 1/2-day course on the “EU AI Act – Principles and Implications” aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the EU AI Act, the first legal framework on AI proposed by the European Commission. This course is designed to illuminate the Act’s origins, structure, and implications. Over one half intensive day, we’ll dive deep into the Act’s risk-based approach, classifications of AI systems, enforcement mechanisms, and the impact on businesses and innovation.


Day 1: Understanding the EU AI Act

    • General principles and objectives
    • Risk-based classification of AI systems
    • Prohibited practices
    • Conformity assessment of high-risk systems
    • Transparency obligations
    • AI and fundamental rights

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