Railway RAMS Overview

Course Identifier:  e00-007

This training is an introductory course to RAMS in railways (EN 50126). Attendees will understand the legal context, processes, actors, interfaces and documentation produced during the project’s life cycle.

This course will be provided on demand, please request more information by contacting our head of departement


1. Introduction to EN 50126

  • Scope and legal framework
  • Relation and content

2. The V-Cycle

  • Main stages, inputs, outputs and responsible entities.
  • Multi-system approach

3. System definition

  • RAMS Plan (Content, importance, example).

4. Risk analysis

  • Risk acceptance categories
  • Risk analysis and evaluation
  • Hazard Log

5. Specification of system requirements

  • SRS
  • Validation Plan (Content, importance, example).

6. Architecture and Apportionment

  • Hazard analysis
  • Allocate requirements

7. Validation

  • Validation Plan
  • Safety Case

8. Q&A

This training is enhanced with personal exercises during the different phases in order to solidify the learning.

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