Quality Management Systems

Quality management system demonstrate to your clients and stakeholders a superior and controlled way of doing business.  Sometimes they are considered a burden but in fact they do not require awkward processes. On the contrary they represent fundamental best practices and do support companies to reduce cost of non-quality, rework or damages.

In many industries and for public tenders a certified management system is mandatory for closing contracts.


ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 is a general quality management system, which is applicable to companies in all business domains. It requires the definition of processes, responsibilities and continuous improvement based on measurable factors, represented by the PDCA – cycle.

An ISO 9001 certification forms the basis of a quality management system and is required to implement functional safety standards like the ISO 26262:2018 or others.


IATF 16949


The IATF 16949 is an automotive-specific quality management system extension to ISO 9001, which focuses on production quality and the necessary supporting processes. It is mandatory for most automotive suppliers and for any automotive functional safety project that includes production.

CertX provides trainings and offers IATF 16949 certifications in cooperation with our partners to improve your production-related quality management system and prepare for the delivery to the automotive industry or for an ISO 26262 – certification.


ISO 27000

On enterprise level, information security is considered as a continuously growing concern as well. In that context, ISO/IEC 27K series is a major set of references led by ISO/IEC 27001 standard defining Information Security Management System (ISMS) to be operated by organization willing to identify and reduce information security risks down to an acceptable level. CertX might secure the implementation of your ISMS by validating and certifiying your organization against standardized requirements, and providing you with an internationally recognized certificate of conformity.