23 – 26 March 2024

SwissTech Convention Center, Lausanne. 

Meet CertX at the Applied Machine Learning days


– The Applied Machine Learning Days (AMLD) 23 – 26 of March, 2024.
Discover the future of the AI in Lausanne ! This year the focus will be on Certification and the Regulation of Trustworthy AI systems.


This event is one of the largest machine learning and AI events in Europe and brings together experts from industry, academia, and the public sector. The event focuses specifically on the practical applications of machine learning and AI, with talks and workshops covering a wide range of topics. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with peers and learn about the latest trends and developments in the field. Participants can also join the 1-day CertX workshop for hands-on experience on implementing the new EU AI Act.

About The Workshop 


Join CertX on sunday 24 March 2024 for a 1 day hands-on workshop on the EU AI ACT. In collaboration with ZHAW School of Engineering, we are thrilled to invite you. From expert insights on Trustworthy AI, to exploring the objectives, implications, and requirements of the EU AI Act.  Be part of this workshop and learn the objectives, implications, and requirements of the EU AI Act through hands-on exercises. 


  • DATE: 24 March
  • LOCATION: SwissTech Convention Center, Lausanne
  • TIME: 9h00 – 17h:30
  • DURATION:  1 Full day


Key highlights:



✅️ Expert insights on Trustworthy AI Exploring the objectives, implications, and requirements of the EU AI Act

✅️Hands-on Exercises

✅️AI Risk Classification

✅️AI System

✅️Technical Requirements and KPIs




How to register for the workshop 

To register for the workshop or for more information visit: AMLD 2024 – Live sessions agenda (appliedmldays.org)





Dr. Marco Repetto

Dr. Marco Repetto

Data Scientist and AI Assessor (CertX)

A Data Scientist with over six years of experience in data science, academic research, and teaching. Dr. Marco Repetto holds a Ph.D. in Economics and Statistics from the University of Milano-Bicocca, where his research focused on Explainable Artificial Intelligence in high-risk applications using Deep Learning in credit risk assessment. Marco’s collaborative efforts with ZHAW on a InnoSuisse project have been pivotal in developing a comprehensive AI certification schema to enhance standards and practices within the AI industry. 

Dr. Arman Iranfar

Dr. Arman Iranfar

Head of Artificial Intelligence (CertX)

Arman holds a Ph.D in Engineering from the Univerity Polytechnique of Lausanne and he is a proficient data scientist. His expertise allows him to approach AI development with a holistic perspective, integrating technical precision with practical applications. His leadership at CertX reflects his commitment to advancing the frontier of AI technology and driving a sustainable change. Arman has published more than 20 publications on AI and he received an Award in 2019 during the International Low-Power Design Contest.