Product and Process Certifications, EC Type Approvals

Product and process certifications demonstrate compliance with functional safety and cyber security standards, regulations and applicable law.

They are a market enabler and necessary pre-requisite for access and success in the market. They are particular useful for products in larger numbers, with a several potential applications and multiple clients.


Minimize your product liability risks and stand out from the crowd with superior quality.

Unlock the full market potential

Product and Process Certifications

Product certifications relieve you from demonstrating for each and every client or application the achievement of safety or security objectives indivdually. As accredited certification body CertX certificates are recognized worldwide.

You and your clients will get a reliable evidence on your product or process meeting the saftey and security goals without you having to disclose any IP.

You will get most out a certification if you work with us concurrently along the development of your product. 
By defining the critical aspects or identify non conformities early on you will be able to catch weak spots in your product safety immediately and correct it quickly.

Do not hesitate to contact us early in development process.

We will be your safety and security sparring partner not just in the development but through the whole lifecycle of your product.

EC Type Approval & CE Marking

CertX is a EU notified body which provide EU type approvals for dangerous machines according to the EC machinery directive 2006/42. 

In case you want to sell machines according to the annex IV of EC 2006 /42 our type certiciate is a mandatory pre-requisite. 


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