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Fribourg – The EU Parliament adopted the law to regulate Artificial Intelligence on Wednesday the 13th of March. With the new AI Act The European Parliament has taken a significant stride forward in shaping the future of AI regulation setting a global precedent for responsible AI deployment.

” This step underscores the European Union’s commitment to upholding human rights in the digital age” said Arman Iranfar, Head of Artificial Intelligence at CertX AG. “One of the key highlights of the EU AI Act is its emphasis on protecting fundamental rights. The EU AI Act introduces strict regulations for the use of biometrics. In order to be successful in the use of AI in the competitive European market, organisations will need to comply with a wide range of regulations, build a culture of trust and ensure transparency throughout the AI lifecycle. By implementing robust measures for risk assessment and mitigation organisations can minimize potential harms associated with AI applications. As an active Swiss delegate for ISO SC 42 Artificial Intelligence, CertX is at the forefront of shaping standards for trustworthy and safe AI. We assist our clients in adhering to the EU AI Act by guiding them through best practices and standard AI procedures at every level, from organizational structures to processes, products, and personnel training” explained Arman Iranfar.


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