CertX is active across all domain of automated and autonomous system. You will benefit by our broad cross-industry experience. Our certification schemes allow the certification for a range of standards at the same time.

Functional Safety & RAMS

Depending on the industry sector, several standards for functional safety as well as for the railway-specific RAMS have been defined by the standardization committees.


In many fields, e.g. the railway sector or for products covered by the EU machinery safety directive, specifically accredited documents are even mandatory to launch a product to the market.


CertX provides the necessary certifications or inspections, carried out by experienced experts in the corresponding fields of industry, to evaluate the compliance to the relevant functional safety and RAMS standards in a qualitative and efficient way.


The on-going merge between industrial networks (OT) and information networks (IT) demands to take care of security aspects topics to ensure a uninterrupted, safe and secure operation.


Upcoming standards and regulation will require to include cyber security aspects for connected systems.  Service providers, product manufacturers and operators should embrace today the related aspects to ensure a safe and secure system delivery and operation.


This does not just apply for Machinery and Industry 4.0 but also across other industries such as Automotive, Railway, Healthcare, Energy, Chemical/Oil/Gas, Supply Chain…


CertX may help  you getting prepared for the challenges ahead by increasing the awareness and skills of your managers/engineers about best security practices and policies, by evaluating your current posture against key cyber security references and ultimately by certifying your products, processes and management systems in e.g.:


  • Automotive Security: ISO/SAE21434, SAE J3061
  • General OT Security: ISA/IEC62443, NIST800-82, …
  • General IT Security: ISO27K series, NIST-CSF
  • Regulations: NIS-Directive, EU-GDPR, UNECE-WP.29

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence has already become an everyday technology: We can say the first self-driving cars are already on the road, and logistics companies have autonomously flying drones in operation. However, there’s currently no solution on the market to evaluate the quality and the performance of the solutions based on the AI algorithm and technic. One of the biggest challenges in the evaluation of the AI solution is linked to the fact that an AI solution shall cover requirements in different dimensions such as fairness, robustness, transparency, autonomy and control, data security and IT security.

Quality System Management

Quality Management Systems (QMS) cover a large scope of aspects from general quality (e.g EN ISO 9001), cyber security (ISO 27001) and specific quality in certain sectors (e.g.  IATF 16949) .

They are often required as must-have for “doing” business. They should ensure the everyday adherence to best practices and always need a continous improvement process. Those processes and management systems are often required as supporting processes in order to obtain certifications of products or EC type approvals.

CertX is certifying the essential and required processes and management systems. You get it all from one hand.

Certificate Finder

Certificates for products, processes and management system are public in order to give interested persons or organizations the possibility to verify independently the validity, scope and other details.