CertX – Standardization for Functional Safety, Cyber Security and AI


The EU has published in April a proposal to regulate AI based applications and a while back a whitepaper (based on public comments during Feb.-Jun. 2020). Among the top most concerns raised are saftey, explainability and reliability and related hereto the 3 most important topics to be adressed shall be clear safety and liability rules, Transparency on the nature and purpose as well as robustness and accuracy, see the image extracts from the whitepaper below:

Our CEO Jens Henkner has been elected as the national chair for upcoming AI standards. He will represent Switzerland / SNV in the international standarization activties by coordinating the inputs and comments of the public, developpers, operators and many more stakeholders. We apprciate any comments, requests or feedback to improve quality and ensure a broad acceptance of the future technical standards.

We in CertX firmly believe in the added value technical standards will bring for all involved players, see also the SNV story of September. We are very are dedicted to make the AI application safe, secure, ethical, reliable since these are a fundamental pre-requisites to become commercial successful.