ICS Cybersecurity a growing challenge

The growing prevalence of standardized hardware and software now being used in heavily networked automation and control infrastructures has led to a rapidly increasing potential for cyber threats and risks. Few years ago, no internationally valid standards existed for IT security certification of Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS). The IEC 62443 family of standards now provides a basis for such cyber security certification.

CertX represents the first Swiss Accredited Certification Body offering IACS cyber security certifications according to IEC 62443.

Think like a hacker

Our certification programs have been developed by cybersecurity specialist, initially trained to perform penetration tests and support secure system/infrastructure development. Based on that strong cybersecurity knowledge developed through several hacking competitions, our cybersecurity department can help you to anticipate potential future risks thanks to this offensive spirit that we cultivate.

A wide vision of the cybersecurity

Based on our desire to increase our knowledge in many areas, our cybersecurity department keeps updated, follows and participates in the development of future cybersecurity standards in several domains such as IoT, Energy, Drones, Automotive, Railway…


Cybersecurity Trainings

CertX can increase the cybersecurity competencies of your team members through several courses

The courses delivered by CertX can be slightly tailored to provide overviews with a focus according to your preferences (see hot topics in training complete descriptions). 

Personnal Certification

CertX also propose a personal certification process including a 4-days course which can be validated through an official certificate delivered by passing a final exam

Based on a clear course structure, trainees can partially follow the certification course and complete it in multiple steps

Product / System Certifications

  • Certification for system integrators
    (62443-2-4 and 62443-3-3)
  • Certification for manufacturers
    (62443-4-1 and 62443-3-3)
  • Certification for products


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