Deep dive into world of AI regulation, the EU AI Act and the pivotal role of AI ISO standards. Watch the Video of the Webinar. 

Key Takeaways:



✅️ Deep dive into the relationship of ISO standards and the EU AI Act compliance.

✅️ Discover how the standards can facilitate your compliance journey

✅️ Simplify the conformity assessment process

✅️ Enhance the trustworthiness of your AI systems

✅️ Benefit from an in-depth analysis

✅️ Practical insights on implementing these standards effectively





Dr. Marco Repetto

Dr. Marco Repetto

Data Scientist and AI Assessor (CertX)

A Data Scientist with over six years of experience in data science, academic research, and teaching. Dr. Marco Repetto holds a Ph.D. in Economics and Statistics from the University of Milano-Bicocca, where his research focused on Explainable Artificial Intelligence in high-risk applications using Deep Learning in credit risk assessment. Marco’s collaborative efforts with ZHAW on a InnoSuisse project have been pivotal in developing a comprehensive AI certification schema to enhance standards and practices within the AI industry. 

Dr. Arman Iranfar

Dr. Arman Iranfar

Head of Artificial Intelligence (CertX)

Arman holds a Ph.D in Engineering from the Univerity Polytechnique of Lausanne and he is a proficient data scientist. His expertise allows him to approach AI development with a holistic perspective, integrating technical precision with practical applications. His leadership at CertX reflects his commitment to advancing the frontier of AI technology and driving a sustainable change. Arman has published more than 20 publications on AI and he received an Award in 2019 during the International Low-Power Design Contest.