The proportion of machines in the industrial domain is increasing rapidly due to the improvement of their efficiency and the expansion of the possibilities that such kind of robots can offer the factory operator.

They can operate 24/7 and complete even complex tasks in various steps of the product manufacturing like: assembly, welding, material removal, transport and packaging.

In almost all their use cases, machines have to work in an environment populated by operators, maintenance employees, and other members of the manufacturing chain. In some specific cases, they may also interact with the public.

Because of this proximity with human beings and the strength of such kind of robots, they can cause injuries that can be fatal if the safety of their various functionalities is not ensured.

It is the company obligation to assess the risk and ensure that no one will be exposed to unacceptable risks. CertX ensures the safety and security of your products according the available standards such as IEC 61508, IEC 62061 through a test and certification program.

As a certification body, CertX use its in-depth know how on the standards to offer a lean and comprehensive assessment and certification program which helps customers to have safer product on-time on the market.


IEC 61508

Functional Safety for Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic Safety-Related Systems

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CertX provides independent assessment according to the different parts of the standard depending on the needs of your project.

Functional Safety Management assessment:

  • Management system
  • Policy
  • Organization and competencies
  • Life-cycle
  • Documentation
  • Conformance plan
  • Internal procedures
  • Supplier management

System assessment:

  • Hazard and risk analysis (Risk Graph, Layer of protections,…)
  • Review of overall system specification & safety requirements
  • Product identification & specification
  • Mission profile evaluation

Hardware assessment:

  • Functional safety planning
  • Lifecycle requirements
  • Failure rates & Diagnostics
  • Safe-failure fraction & Hardware fault tolerance
  • Data communication
  • Maintenance
  • Measures for systematic fault avoidance
  • Validation records

Software assessment:

  • Functional safety planning
  • Configuration management
  • Lifecycle requirements
  • Safety & integrity function requirements
  • Requirement traceability
  • Safety functions and diagnostics
  • Testability and tests
  • Data communication
  • Proven in use arguments
  • Supporting tools
  • Module & integration testing
  • Impact analysis
  • Validation

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