IMI 2019 in Mannheim - Interesting Insights

CertX was present at the IT meets Industry IMI conference 19./20. Nov. in Mannheim with an opening speech from Erwin Kruschitz / Anapur defining the cyber security maturity level in a very pragmatic way. It is not a question of getting hacked but only a question of when. What protects you is the knowledge of persons knowing what to do to contain a breach.

supported by some interesting statistics from Dharminder Debisarun / Palo Alto. So training and education of staff and implementation of the right processes will help to contain security breaches.

… and the inspiring keynote speech by Marty Edwards. Standards do represent a best practice and it is worthwhile to apply them. In particular for operations where safety and security elements play together. Nevertheless they should not get mixed.

… and of course many more valuable presentations and discussion. We look forward to participate in 2020 yet again.

CertX will be present at the Swiss Cyber Security Days

CertX will be present at Cyber Security Days - the leading cyber security conference in Switzerland. Maintaining cyber security in all aspects is an ongoing effort and mandatory to operate automated and connected systems. CertX is proud ...

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